Lesson #2: Changing and cutting letters

Part of the unit: Creating Accordion Books |


Students will be able to:
Create 3 collages using a letter as a design element.
Use different colors, shapes, and pattern to redesign the letter in each collage.
Assorted colored papers, scissors, glue.
Look briefly at Alphabet City and ask:
  • Do you remember what we saw when we looked at this book last time?
  • Can we cut shapes from colored paper and put them together to make an interesting letter design?
Choose a volunteer to come to the demonstration area to cut shapes and assemble them on a colorful background in the shape of a letter.
  • How can we overlap other small colorful shapes to make this even more interesting?
Select another volunteer to add more shapes to change the letter design.
Students will make three simple collages, using color and shape to redesign the same letter onto colorful background paper.
Students will circle around one central table to view and discuss the work. Review what the class has done by asking:
  • Did anyone use straight lines to create shapes?
  • Curvy lines? Dots? Colors?
  • Where do shapes overlap?
  • Where do you see a pattern?