Lesson #5: Creating an Exhibit

Part of the unit: Discoveries in Clay |


Why do artists exhibit their work?
Students will be able to:
Write descriptive labels for their pieces.
Work in groups to assemble an exhibition.
Create signs and invitations for their exhibition.
labels, signs, and paper for invitations.
We're going to make a museum display of your work for our school.
  • How did the museum display art?
  • Why do you think the museum has labels near the work?
  • What information should be on the label?
Invite the students to help decide what the label should look like and where each piece of information should be. Include title, name of the student, how the piece was made, and its purpose or meaning.
Involve students in putting together an exhibition of their clay pots and texture tiles. Students can work in groups to discuss labeling and grouping artworks to create a display for other people to view.
  • How should we group our work... by artist, by animal, by project (tiles and pots), by process (drawings and claywork)?
  • What should our invitations and signs look like?
  • Who should we invite to the exhibit?
  • How can we help our guests appreciate and understand what we've learned about clay? Visitors can sketch, act as reviewers, go on a scavenger hunt, students can be docents, students can show process pieces, etc.
Students can take turns presenting their work to their classmates. They can answer questions about their work, and explain the choices they made in creating their pieces.