Lesson #6: How can you combine your image and text using the computer?


Students will be able to:
combine an image with different versions of their text using a computer program.
Images and slogans as separate files that can be combined in the demonstration.
Students should be shown an image that matches a selected slogan. Using the computer, the teacher should demonstrate how to place the text over the image, allowing the class to help decide on the best placement.
  • What should be considered when deciding where to place the text?
  • Why might you want to change the way the text looks?
  • How can you change the text using the computer?
The teacher should then discuss how changing the font, style and scale changes the feeling of the words.
Students should then combine their own text over their selected image. They should experiment with at least three different fonts before deciding on the most suitable one. Students should decide on the name of the organization sponsoring the ad (either real or made-up) and decide how it should look and where it should be placed.