Lesson #3: Making a cover

Part of the unit: Creating Accordion Books |


What should the cover of the book look like?
Students will be able to:
design covers for their books using collage materials.
colored paper, scissors, glue
Together, look at the cover of Alphabet City. Ask:
  • What do you see in this picture?
  • Do you see similar pictures on the inside of the book?
  • Why would an illustrator design a picture for the cover that is similar to the art work on the inside of the book?
Explain that the cover of the book helps gives information about the inside of the book.
Choose a volunteer to share his/her completed work from the last lesson. Ask:
  • What letter did you use in your design?
  • What letter should be on the cover of the book? Why?
  • Will you use similar shapes and colors on the cover of your book? Why?
Have the volunteer review, cutting and assembling shapes.
Distribute colored paper, and explain that students will create new shapes for their covers. Encourage children to be inventive in cutting shapes from their imagination, in addition to cutting shapes with names. Redistribute collected work from previous lesson. Allow students to go back to finish or add to previous work, in addition to creating cover art.
Circle around a large work table or carpet and have a student arrange his/her work in sequence. Ask:
  • What colors and shapes did you use for the cover?
  • What shapes did you combine to create your letter?
  • Are these used in any of the other pictures in the story?
  • Does anyone see where shapes overlap?
  • How does the cover provide hints about what is inside the book?