Students will explore working in clay as they create a simple clay pot and lid with an animal knob.  

Grade 2 Benchmark:

Through an exploration of art materials and techniques, students exercise imagination, construct meanings, and depict their experiences; work in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms, use basic art tools, and gain knowledge of media and compositional elements

Performance Indicators:

Students can create clay forms that demonstate:
Techniques as balling, pinching, flattening, and scoring.
The addition of texture and pattern.
Additive and subtractive techniques
Students will be able to: 
Change and shape moist clay
Identify hardened clay
Make a lidded clay pot using the pinch-pot method
Attach a knob using a scoring technique
Add texture to the pot and lid
Work in groups to assemble an exhibition of their work
Use art vocabulary to describe their work
Students will understand that: 
Clay comes from the earth.
Clay is maleable when wet, and hard when it dries
People make useful things out of clay
Patterns and designs can come from nature and animals
Artists share their work through displays
ball, pinch, pull, stretch, poke, roll, subtract, add, score, slip, smooth, texture, pattern, shape, evaporation, vessel, kiln
Students can:
Demonstrate an understanding of where clay comes from and how is has been used in various cultures.
Make a lidded pinch pot with an animal knob.
Discuss each other's work.
Describing their processes on the gallery card for the exhibition.
Answer questions about their work.