Lesson #5: Creating a Portrait Gallery

Part of the unit: Drawing a Family Portrait |


How can we best display our drawings?
Students will be able to:
Indicate the reasons for framing artwork
Identify sites for displaying artwork
Create a frame for their artwork
Title and write a short piece about their artwork
Students will understand that:
Framing and displaying artwork is an important stepin the artistic process.
Sharing artwork with others is rewarding.
Artists title and write about their artwork.
Completed Family Portraits, glue sticks, white construction paper cut to 16"x20" (with a 2" border drawn in pencil), index cards and pencils
Images of framed artworks on display in museums, galleries, and homes
Invite students to look at the images of framed artworks.
  • Why do we frame artworks? (to focus attention on the artwork, to protect the artwork)
  • Where is framed artwork displayed? (museums, galleries, home, offices, public buildings, banks, schools...)
Explain that students will frame their family portraits by gluing them onto a larger piece of white paper that will leave a 2" border to focus attention on the artwork and to protect it from being touched when handling. Select a volunteer to demonstrate the framing process.  Direct the process step-by-step:
  • Turn the artwork over.  Apply the glue stick to the outer edges.
  • Align the artwork with the drawn guidelines on the white construction paper.
  • Press in place and allow to dry.
Once students have framed their artwork, allow them to circulate about the room for two minutes to look at their classmates' work.  Direct them to return to their tables.  Ask them to think about a title for their family portrait.  Pose this questions:
  • What should a good title do?
Have students write their title on an index card.  Ask for volunteers to hold up their artwork and tell the title.  If any student is having a problem titling his/her work, survey the class for suggestions.
  • Why might it be important to add two or three sentences about the family portrait to the label?
Ask students to add to the label two or three sentences decribing their artwork.
  Invite volunteers to show their framed artwork and read the title and description.  After each presentation, ask:
  • Do we have any questions for this person?
Ask each volunteer:
  • If you could hang your artwork anywhere, where night you hang it?  Why?
Teacher will exhibit artwork in hallways.  Class will do a gallery walk.