Lesson #5: Creating the Second Digital Collage of a Sequence

Part of the unit: Digital Narratives |


How can a sequence of images tell a story?
Students will be able to:
Translate a written narrative into images
Students will understand that:
Artists create sequential projects to communicate ideas.

Computers with AppleWorks and internet access, laptop, printer, projector, scanner;  charts with instructions for using the basic tools of AppleWorks


Ask a volunteer to show his/her digital image created during the last lesson. 

  • What is happening in this image?
  • Describe the main character.
  • How has color been used to create a mood?

Ask the student to read his/her narrative to the class.  Ask students to suggest what images and objects the next digital collage in the series should have to tell the story.

  • How can we locate these images on the internet?
  • How else could we get the images needed?

Demonstrate how to locate some of the images described for use in the next digital collage.  Remind students that they have the option of drawing the images needed and scanning them. 

Students will work individually at their computers to create the second of three digital collages.  Remind students to pull materials from their folders, refer to their storyboard for ideas, select and add new images brought from home, scan drawings, find images on the internet, or draw directly on the computer.

The final image should be printed out.

Ask for volunteers to show their two digital images together.  Ask students to describe the sequence of events seen in the two images.

  • What was the most challenging part of creating the second image? 
  • How did you meet that challenge?

In preparation for creating the last digital collage in this series, students should write a paragraph describing what their third image should look like to complete the narrative.  They should include specific objects and images that are needed.  If possible, they could bring to class images found on a computer at home, in magazines, or drawn by hand.