Lesson #6: Creating the Third Digital Collage in a Series

Part of the unit: Digital Narratives |


Students will be able to:
Combine images to create the third digital collage of a series
Students will understand that:
Artists communicate narratives through sequential images.

Student digital collages, computers with AppleWorks and intenet access, scanner, printer


Ask a  volunteer to display their two digital collages and to read the narrative upon which they were based.  Ask him/her to read the descriptive paragraph written for homework that describes what the third digital collage should look like and to display any images brought from home.  Ask students to suggest ways to implement the last digital collage in the narrative.


By now students should be familiar with the use of the computer program to combine images from a variety of sources.  The teacher should work with individual students who need additional help in creating their collages.


Students will work individually at their computers to create the final digital collage of their narrative.  If time remains, students should print them.  If not, the teacher should print them in preparation for the last lesson.

Students should work with a partner to share the last image of their narratives.  Each student should describe the "story" seen in their partner's image to see if it matches the creator's intent.  Students can share ideas for improving the story seen by changing composition, color, and size of images.

Invite volunteers to describe their experience of sharing their work with a classmate.