Lesson #8: Cutting the Third Layer

Part of the unit: Creating a Portrait Print |


Why is it important to perfect cutting skills in printmaking?
Students will be able to:
Perfect their technical skills as they cut the third layer
Students will understand that:
Skilled cutting is an important part of the printmaking process.

Printing blocks, four-color sketches, Speedball cutters


Invite a student to show the class his/her printing block and one of his two-layer prints. Ask him/her to discuss what he/she plans to cut out next and why.


Ask students:

  • What difficulties are you having with the cutting process? 

Ask the class to offer suggestions for improving cutting techniques.  The teacher should demonstrate and review the proper technique.

Students will cut out the third layer of their printing blocks in preparation for their third layer of color.

Think about how your cutting skills have changed since we started this project. 

  • How will your cutting skills affect how your print will look?

Continue working on the assigned report.