Lesson #5: Displaying Artwork

Part of the unit: Discoveries in Collage |


How can we create a museum-like display of our collages?
Students will be able to:
Discuss how museums display artwork
Create a display of artwork with signage
Students will understand that:
Art is exhibited in cultural institutions
People work alone and in teams to produce exhibitions

Index cards, Sharpies, tag board or foam core, Velcro (or similar double-sided adhesive), glue/brush, completed collages


Photographs of people viewing art in a museum; a sample of signage

Show a photograph of people viewing artwork in a museum. Ask questions such as: Where are these people? How can you tell? Why do people visit museums? Encourage youngsters to share personal experiences in museums: Who has been to an art museum?
  • What did you see in the museum?
  • Describe how the objects were displayed.  Did you see labels (signage)?
  • Who makes the displays?

Explain that students will be displaying their collages in the school. Their display, much like a museum exhibit, will have signage (labels). Show them a sample of signage:

  • Why do museums include signage (labels) in an exhibition?
Ask several students to share the information they have on their work sheet. Tell students that they will transcribe this information on the index cards which will be placed next to their collages in the exhibition. Show students how to do this.
Before students create their final labels, ask them to share their worksheet with a partner:
  • Are there any suggestions you have for your partner to make the label more informative?
  • Once you are satisfied, transcribe your information on the index card.

Demonstrate how to mount completed collage. Ask students where the label should be glued. Assist students as they mount their work.

Place all the mounted collages around the room.
  • Where might we display our work in the school building?
  • Who should we invite to see our exhibition? How can we issue invitations?

With the help of the classroom teacher, students can compose a letter of invitation to the exhibition.


Art making: Recognize the power of art to communicate Literacy: Write about art; problem solve Community and Cultural Resources: Share observations about a museum Careers and Life-long Learning: Recognize that people work independently and in teams