Lesson #3: Enlarging the Sketch


How can we enlarge our sketches?
Students will be able to:
Make adjustments to the composition
Enlarge the sketch
Students will understand that:
Artists continually evaluate and make adjustments to their work.
A simple grid can be used as an aide in enlarging a small sketch.

12x16 drawing paper, pencils, erasers


A reproduction of Picasso's Still-Life with Violin and Fruit, 1912


Post or distribute Picasso's Still-Life with Violin and Fruit. 

Let's revisit Picasso's Still-Life with Violin and Fruit.

  • What unusual choices did Picasso make in regard to this composition?
  • What was his purpose in doing this?

Today you will be finalizing your composition and enlarging your sketch.

  • What are some things you need to consider to make a good composition? (how have you used the space of the page, are the shapes varied in size, is the composition balanced, etc.)

Demonstrate how to make a simple grid on the small sketch and on the 12x16 paper.  Demonstrate how to begin enlarging the basic shapes using this grid.



Students will enlarge and change their sketches to make a final drawing for their collaged still-life.

  • What were the challenges you faced in enlarging your work?
  • What changes did you make to improve the composition?

Define these three words in relation to art:  contrast, unity, balance



Art Making:  enlarging a sketch

Literacy: looking at and discussing art, developing visual arts vocabulary, problem solving

Making Connections: observing and interpreting the world