Lesson #10: Finishing Touches

Part of the unit: Painting a Cityscape |


How can peer assessment help us refine our work?
Students will be able to:
Complete their paintings
Students will understand that:
Peer assessment can lead to new insights about one's work.

Student paintings, reference materials, tempera paints, brushes, water cans, palettes


Explain that this is the last day to work on the cityscape paintings.

Invite students to share their reactions to the peer assessment exercise they conducted in the last lesson.  

  • What did you learn from that experience?
  • What changes do you want to make to your paintings based on that discussion?
  • What finishing touches can you explore?

Students will make their final changes and add finishing touches to their work.

The cityscapes will be displayed on the tables.  Students will walk around the room to view the finished work.

Indicate that during this unit, students have seen the various ways that artists and their classmates have portrayed New York City. 

  • Why have artists been inspired to portray the city?
  • What statements have they made about the city through their art?
  • What statement have you made about the city in your painting - what does your painting tell the viewer about the mood of the city?  the social and aesthetic conditions?
  • What insights have you developed about how artists portray the cities they live in?