Lesson #8: How can you further enhance your ad by using the program's tools.


how the use of computers and technology enhances art education and how to use the program's tools to further enhance and improve the design of their ads.
VGA projector (if possible) Student ads done without the use of a computer.
Let's assume you were an art student twenty years ago and were given this project before the schools had accaess to computers. (If you have student ads done without computers, you can use them for the discussion.)
  • Describe how you could have done this project without using a computer.
  • How does the use of computers enhance art education?
Select the work of one pair of students for a critique. Project it at the front of the room using a VGA (video graphics array) projector, or have them pull it up on their computers, or print several copies for distribution. Ask questions such as:
  • What computer tools were used to create the ad in its current state?
  • What changes could be made to make it more effective and improve its design? What tools would you use to make these changes?
Ask the class to suggest additional changes to make this ad more effective.
Students will continue working on refining their ads. This may require additional class periods to complete.