Lesson #7: How can you use your program's tools to enhance and improve the design of your ad?


how to use the program's tools to further enhance and improve the design of their ad.
VGA projector (if possible) Student ads done without the use of a computer.
Ask students to look at their ads and think about how they would like to improve them. As each student makes his or her request, ask the class if anyone knows how to use the program's tools to do what is requested. Allow the knowledgeable students (and there will be many) to explain and perhaps demonstrate the process. Using a student ad as an example, demonstrate how the tools of his or her program can be used to alter the image, text, and the way they are integrated. The teacher should demonstrate and give out an instruction sheet with directions for making at least five changes using the tools of the computer program. Possible changes could include:
  • Direction, spacing, scale, and wrapping of text
  • Eliminating the background
  • Cropping, muting, and reversing the image
Changing contrast, size, color, etc. Possible tools, depending on program used: Lasso, Magic Wand, Eraser, Clone Stamp, Gradient, Blurring, Dodging, Pen Tool, Eyedropper, Zoom, Layers, and Filters
Students will make at least three copies of their current ad. They should leave one original, but should revise and refine the other two using the tools they have just learned. Each one should be saved as a new file.