Lesson #9: Knowing when an artwork is finished


How can we determine when a work is complete?
Students will be able to:
Assess whether their collage is finished by using the criteria developed during the unit
Finish their collages
Students will understand that:
Artists think about and assess their work according to set criteria.

Student collages, glue, scissors, tracing paper, collage materials, and various drawing and paint supplies.

  • How do you know when an essay you've written for an English class is finished?
  • How do you know when your artwork is finished? (teacher charts responses)

Let's review the requirements for doing this project.

  • abstract the still-life
  • use value to create contrast
  • use color to create unity
  • balance the composition
  • use texture to create interest
  • add details to make the objects recognizable?
  • accent certain areas to make them stand out
  • include 21st century materials

These questions should be charted on the board.



Post a few student collages.  Ask the students to examine these collages with reference to the criteria on the board. 

  • To what extent are these collages complete?  What would you advise the artist to do to finish them?

Students should use the criteria on the board as a guide for finishing their collages.

Write a paragraph describing how you determined whether your collage is finished. 

Ask for volunteers to share what they wrote. 

  • Who had a similar response?



Art Making:  finishing a collage

Literacy:  looking at and discussing art, developing visual arts vocabulary, writing about art, reflecting on the process of making art, problem solving