Lesson #9: Printing the third layer of Color

Part of the unit: Creating a Portrait Print |


Why is it important to perfect your printing skills?
Students will be able to:
Perfect their printing skills as they print their third color layer
Students will understand that:
Skilled printing is an important part of the printmaking process.

Printing blocks, four-color sketches, Speedball inks, newspaper, newsprint, hard and soft brayers, trays


Invite a student to show their printing block, two color print and four-color sketch.

  • Which color will this student be printing next?  Why?

Ask students to volunteer any probems they are having with the inking and printing process.  The teacher should then demonstrate ways to address those problems.

Different printing stations should be set up.  Students will take turns adding their next darkest color to their second-layer prints.  Newsprint should be used to blot excess ink from the prints.

Ask the students to select their favorite print from the six they have done so far.  Display the prints.

  • Which print stands out because of the artist's choice of color?  Why did you choose it?
  • Which print shows excellent printing techniques?  Why did you choose it?
  • Select one print and make a suggestion for the type of color that should be used fo the fourth layer.  Explain your suggestion.