Lesson #3: Saving and Organizing Images on a Computer

Part of the unit: Digital Narratives |


Why is it important to organize our images in a folder?
Students will be able to:
Add details to a drawing
Scan drawings and images into the computer
Organize images in a digital folder
Students will understand that:
Artists can use multiple images to express a personal vision.

Student narratives, storyboard sketches, drawing paper, ebony pencils, black Sharpie markers, digital projector, laptop, computers with AppleWorks and internet access, scanner, chart with instructions on how to scan and save images in a folder


David Weisner's Tuesday


Show several illustrations from David Weisner's Tuesday.  Ask questions such as:

  • What do you see?
  • Who is the central character in the story? How do you know?

Distribute student narratives, storyboard sketches, drawing paper and ebony pencils.

Direct students to their narratives and the images drawn during the last lesson. Ask them to think about what the main character would look like. Invite a student to describe what their character would look like, including the smallest details.  Direct students to draw this character with as much detail as possible and to darken the pencil lines with the Sharpie marker when they are finished.



Using a scanner, laptop, and projector, demonstrate how to scan drawings and save them on the computer.  Demonstrate how to create a folder, name it, and drag the scanned images into it. Students can work in pairs as they follow these steps:

  • Place the drawing face down on the scanning plate, close the cover and press Preview.
  • If the image on the computer is okay, press Scan.
  • Go to File and Save as...  Name the image, select a place to save it and press Save.
  • Open the Finder window.  Hold down Control and click the mouse.  Select Create New Folder.  Select Untitled Folder and change the name to what you want to call it.
  • Select and drag files that belong in your folder.

The teacher should review how to import images from the internet:

  • Go to www.google.com.  Click on Google images and type in what you are looking for.
  • Click on an image to open it on a new page.  Click on View full-size
  • Select Save Image as...or Save Image to Desktop
  • Re-name the file by selecting its current name and typing in a new one in its place.
  • Save the image to your folder by selecting, dragging, and dropping it into the folder.

Students should work individually at their computers to create a folder.  Their drawings should be scanned and placed in it.  If possible, the teacher should have already scanned their drawings from their storyboard and placed them on the desktop. The students should place these into their newly created folders.



Ask students questions such as:

  • How is working on a computer to draw and paint different from working directly on paper?
  • Why do you need to save and organize your images in a folder?
  • What are the advantages of using a computer to create our images?
  • Why should you save any changes in a separate file?

Students can bring photographs from home to scan and add to their collages.