Lesson #10: What are some strategies that will allow your ad to reach the appropriate audience?


Students will:
research community organizations that could benefit from displaying their public service ads, and will strategize ways to publicize one student ad.
Finished ads, chart paper and markers
The Internet
Let's assume that you are a not-for-profit group that has received this ad from your "advertising agency."
  • What is your next step?
You now have to think of ways to reach your targeted audience. Display one student PSA.
  • What is the message of this ad?
  • Who is this ad intended for?
  • Where could you find this audience?
Divide the class up into groups of four. Each group should select one ad and should come up with a strategy and a campaign for publicizing that ad. Each group will use the internet to research community organizations that would benefit from the ad they have selected. For example, high schools could benefit from ads regarding high school dropouts, online dating, etc. A "recorder" should be selected from each group to chart their ideas on large sheets of chart paper. A "reporter" from each group will post the paper on the wall and will report out to the class.