Lesson #3: What are the criteria for a successful public service ad?


Students will be able to:
identify the most successful public service ad from their research and report out to the class why they selected it.
Two public service ads for comparison
Public service ads researched by students on the Internet
Students will be shown two different public service ads, either made by students or professional designers. (The teacher will have to select these ads from their own student archives or from their internet research.)Students will be asked to select the most effective one and to explain their choice. From this discussion, the criteria for a successful public service ad will be elicited and written on the board.
Organize students into groups of three pairs based on the pairs from the day before. Each group will select one of the ads found the day before that they like the best. One student from each group will report out to the class by showing their selected ad and addressing the criteria listed on the board. The class can then select their favorite from the ones discussed or if time remains can be asked to choose their personal favorite and explain in writing why they chose it.