Lesson #5: What makes a slogan memorable?


Students will:
employ internet research to compose a memorable slogan for their public service ad.
Public service ads with short, catchy, compelling slogans; the Internet.
Show students a variety of ads that feature images with short, simple, catchy slogans. Direct them to consider the image and the font.
  • How does the addition of text enhance the message of this ad?
Referring to one of the ads, ask:
  • Why is this slogan memorable?
Write on the board responses such as: clarity, choice of words, repetition of initial letters, use of pun, rhyme.
Using the internet, students will research their topic, listing five essential ideas about it. They will decide on the most important issue regarding their topic and will apply their internet research to compose a slogan that captures the message they want.
Have a volunteer will share his/her slogan. The class will address the following questions:
  • Why is this a successful slogan?
  • How could you make this slogan more powerful?
  • How might you revise your own slogan?