Each student will engrave a foam plate, depicting an animal in an environment and use it to create multiple prints.

Grade 5 Benchmark:

Students begin sequential unit projects; extend knowledge of art media and compositional and design elements; choose new ways of using familiar tools and materials, and deepen imaginative capacities, observational and expressive skills.

Performance Indicators:

Ability to create a foam engraving that demonstrates:
The application of a variety lines to create visual texture.
A sense of space and place.
Students will be able to: 
Make a variety of lines
Use lines to create pattern and visual texture
Make a drawing from observation, using photographs as reference
Use familiar tools in an unfamiliar way
Transfer a sketch to a foam plate and pull a print
Understand the vocabulary of relief printmaking
Reflect upon their own work and the work of their classmates, citing visual evidence.
Use the internet to research an alternative printmaking technique.
Students will understand that: 
Many artists use printmaking as their chosen medium.
Multiple prints can be made from the same plate.
Artists use new ways of using familiar tools and materials.
Artists deepend imaginative capacitiees, observational and expressive skills.
Artists extend knowledge of art media and design elements.
background, contrast, depth, edition, engrave, foreground, horizontal, pattern, plate, print, registration, relief, reversal, texture, trace, verticle
Formative and Summative Assessment
Preliminary sketches and works-in-progress
Informal student reflection/responses to experimentation
Peer critiques of student work
Structured group conversation using accountable talk
Teacher observation of works-in-progress with feedback to student
Conferencing with students
Questioning students during independent work
Charting of class discussions
Completed work
Research on printmaking techniques
Originally contributed by: 
Tim Thyzel