Students will combine digital photographs with scanned and computer-generated drawings to create a narrative inspired by dreams and imagination. 

Grade 5 Benchmark:

Students begin sequential unit projects; extend knowledge of art media and compositional and design elements; choose new ways of using familiar tools and materials, and deepen imaginative capacities, observational and expressive skills.

Performance Indicators:

Create a series of related images that demonstrates:
a narrative
integration of various media and materials
expressive use of art elements
expressive use of art elements
Students will be able to: 
emphasize the painting and drawing tools on AppleWorks
import and scan images into a computer
create three related digital collages
revise and rearrange compositions
use color to suggest mood
participate in peer-assessment
Students will understand that: 
Artists work across mediums and combine a variety of materials.
Artists experiment with compositional and design elements.
Artists build upon experiences to express a personal vision.
Artists choose new ways of using familiar tools and materials.
Artists deepen imaginative capacities and expressive skills
canvas, draw, paint, erase, spray, paint bucket, magic wand, select, crop, copy, paste, import, export, save, search, delete, cut, fill, scan, drag, copy, title, save, delete, resolution, positive, rotate, edit, paste, folder, files, image, text, placement, layering, scale, color, angle, mood, space, center, foreground, middleground, background
Formative and Summative Assessment
Preliminary sketches and works-in-progress
Peer critiques of student work
Structured group conversations using accountable talk
Small group discussions and critiques
Teacher observation of works-in-progress with feedback to student
Questioning students during independent work
Charting of class discussions
Completed work