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The Blueprint

The Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts lays out student achievement benchmarks for grades 2, 5, 8 and 12, and is aligned with the National and New York State Standards. Five strands of instruction encourage learning that utilizes the unique resources of New York City communities. These include Art Making that is enhanced by Literacy, Making Connections to other disciplines, using the Community and Cultural Resources of our city, and exposure to art Careers and Life-long Learning. It allows for an exploration of a variety of artistic mediums that make up the visual arts as well as the many connections to literacy, social studies, science and mathematics.

ArtBlueprint Units & Lessons

Studio in a School developed this website to support the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts curriculum originally co-developed with the New York City Department of Education. The units included on this website show the work of art teachers and artists who develop and field test units of instruction that meet grade-based benchmarks in partnership sites throughout the city.

  • Units include step-by-step lessons, resources, and strategies that show how to reach Blueprint benchmarks on the second, fifth and eighth grade levels. Our hope is that these units will be shared in conversations with your colleagues, in professional development sessions, and most importantly, in classrooms throughout New York City.
  • Lessons also include classroom or subject area connections where art teachers and artists can collaborate with classroom teachers who can significantly enhance student learning and the quality of life within the school by connecting areas of study with the work of visual arts.

To participate in ArtBlueprint, contact:
Anne Wright
Phone 212-459-1455 ext. 235
E-mail awright@studioinaschool.org

The Collaborative Community Program at Studio in a School

Studio in a School's Collaborative Community sites serve as research and demonstration sites for understanding how an entire school infused with the visual arts can fully realize the goals and objectives of The Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Visual Arts. Established in 2005, this comprehensive visual arts program is designed to be a catalyst for major systemic change in the visual arts instruction provided in NYC public schools. The program develops and field tests units of instruction published on the ArtBlueprint website.

To get involved in Studio’s Collaborative Community Program, please contact:
Karrie Krinzman
Phone 212-459-1455 ext. 228
E-mail kkrinzman@studioinaschool.org

Studio in a School

Studio in a School is a model not-for-profit organization that has worked for more than 30 years to improve and support quality visual arts education in public schools, childcare centers and community centers. Studio artists collaborate with the school community to strengthen the capacity of those who provide and support arts programming for youth and assist teachers in incorporating the visual arts into their classrooms on a permanent basis.

Through the guidance of our professional artist, students investigate the world beyond their classroom walls, and develop critical-thinking, observation, language, and problem-solving skills.

To learn more about Studio in a School’s programs, contact:
Fran Van Horn
Phone 212-459-1455 ext. 242
E-mail fvanhorn@studioinaschool.org