Unit / LessonGradesort iconMedium
Discoveries in Paint
 6 Lessons
Grade 2Painting
Discoveries in Clay
 5 Lessons
Grade 2Sculpture
Creating Accordion Books
 4 Lessons
Grade 2Two-Dimensional Applied Design
Drawing a Family Portrait
 5 Lessons
Grade 2Drawing
Making Collographic Prints of the Community
 5 Lessons
Grade 2Printmaking
Discoveries in Collage
 5 Lessons
Grade 2Collage
Painting a Neighborhood Scene
 6 Lessons
Grade 5Painting
Nature Inspired Collage Compositions
 5 Lessons
Grade 5Collage
Designing Environmental Awareness Posters
 7 Lessons
Grade 5Two-Dimensional Applied Design
The Figure at Rest and at Play
 6 Lessons
Grade 5Drawing
Creating an Animal Print
 5 Lessons
Grade 5Printmaking
Digital Narratives
 6 Lessons
Grade 5Media Technology
Creating a Standing Mobile
 8 Lessons
Grade 8Sculpture
Creating an Abstract Still-Life Collage
 10 Lessons
Grade 8Collage
Painting a Cityscape
 10 Lessons
Grade 8Painting
Creating a Public Service Announcement
 10 Lessons
Grade 8Media Technology
Drawing a Figure in a Setting
 7 Lessons
Grade 8Drawing
Two-Dimensional Furniture Design
 7 Lessons
Grade 8Two-Dimensional Applied Design
Creating a Portrait Print
 12 Lessons
Grade 8Printmaking