Students will create an accordion book over the course of four lessons. The book will demonstrate experimentation with primary and secondary colors, rectilinear and curved shapes, a variety of line and texture, contrast and pattern.

Grade 2 Benchmark:

Through an exploration of art materials and techniques, students exercise imagination, construct meanings, and depict their experiences; work in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms, use basic art tools, and gain knowledge of media and compositional elements

Performance Indicators:

Students will use:
primary and secondary colors
rectilinear and curved shapes
a variety of line and texture
contrast and pattern
Students will be able to: 
experiment with cutting new shapes
create new textures using line
make a wide variety of designs using letters and numbers as key elements
create compositions using primary and secondary colors
use scissors and glue to arrange and rearrange shapes within a composition
and use art vocabulary to describe their own work and the work of others
Students will understand that: 
artists can use real or imaginary characters as the subject of a visual story
how a book is different from a painting
the design possibilities of numbers and letters
line, shape, color, pattern, overlap, rubbing
Summation - Examine completed work for evidence of students:
using primary and secondary colors
using rectilinear and curved shapes
using a variety of line and texture
using contrast and pattern