Lesson #9: Evaluating Works-in-Progress

Part of the unit: Painting a Cityscape |


How can we evaluate our works-in-progress?
Students will be able to:
Determine criteria for evaluating works-in-progress.
Evaluate a classmate's work according to the criteria.
Students will understand that:
Artists continually reflect on their work in order to improve it.

Student paintings, reference materials, tempera paint, brushes, water cans, palettes


Explain that every artist assesses his/her work as it progresses.  Ask students to share their list of criteria brought in for homework.  Student responses should be made into a series of questions to help evaluate their work-in-progress:

  • What strategies have been used to create the illusion of depth?
  • How has color been used to create a mood?
  • Does the scene look three-dimensional? Explain.
  • How do the details create a "sense of place"?
  • What ideas has the artist communicated about this cityscape?
  • What suggestions can you offer the artist to complete his/her painting?

Ask a volunteer to show his/her painting to classmates. Guide the students in responding to the prompts listed above. Emphasize that all suggestions should be constuctive in nature.

Ask the students to exchange their paintings with a classmate.  Ask pairs of students to discuss their works-in-progress by responding to the questions on the board.

Students will continue to work on their paintings.

Write a paragraph about the experience of sharing your work with a classmate and responding to criteria.