Lesson #7: Production: creating posters 2


Students will be able to:
complete their poster designs
contribute to a critique of the finished work
fadeless colored construction paper, glue, fonts with various sizes, magazines & newspapers, markers,  pencils, design sketchbook
Charley Harper and Eric Carle images
Select one unfinished student poster to discuss. Ask the class to make suggestions for it, in terms of composition, choice of color, and contrast.
Students will finish creating their Planet Earth posters using drawn and cut images and text.
Works are hung and discussed as a group. Students defend their work as graphic designers to the clients (students or visitors.) During the class critique, the following questions can be asked:
  • What message is being communicated to the viewer?
  • How does the choice of font relate to the message and/or design?
  • How have you created contrast between your lettering color and background/symbol?
  • How have you created contrast between your lettering style and symbol?
  • How does the image contribute to the effectiveness of the message?
  • How does color, shape and line contribute to the success of the poster?
Think about the posters you have seen today. If you were the head of a graphic design firm and had to choose one poster to present to a client, which one would you choose, and why? Write a paragraph defending your choice. Think about your own work, and write a paragraph explaining your successes and how you met your challenges. How would you change your poster to improve it? (Literacy, Careers and Life-Long Learning)